Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Okay, so this news is now a few hours old - but I was too tired & lazy to post it at 12pm last night.
So now will have to do.

If you haven't already checked it out, Nerina has put a brand new demo of 'Cigarette' on her MySpace page, which you can view by clicking here!

A gorgeous little song, and Nerina has even written a little blog about it & the new laws coming into use on July 1st.

Tut, tut for smoking Nerina, but a big thumbs up for this lovely little ditty.

Still no new news on Peg I'm afraid folks, but at least we get a new song in the meantime.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Peg on iTunes!

So, as the title suggests ladies & gentlemen, Peg is indeed available on good ol' iTunes UK.
You can click on this link here and download it for a mere 79pence! Or simply search for Nerina Pallot in the search bar on iTunes!

Not much to support our favourite lass from Jersey is it?!
Go on, download it, stick it on your iPod, and blast it from your car windows, in your ears, or whilst in the bath all the live long day!

Still no news on the video, but I'm sure all will be revealed soon!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Keepin' It In The Family

Well, on what is one of the slowest Nerina news weeks in history, finally the silence has broken.... kind of.
As I thought, Peg has been pushed back, or so it would seem - the official site has updated saying Nerina will be releasing a new single 'shortly', but doesn't give an exact date, as of yet.
Remixes from Cicada & Edison are also on their way - Edison being Nerinas hubby's 'stage name' - like 'Elton John' or other people with different names. Nice to know that all the production is being kept in the family & with a bit of luck, as she is his wife, he'll do a bloody good job at remixing it! Anyway, that is all for now, I thought I would let you know & supply you with a lovely picture of the lady herself, whilst we sit & wait for more news & perhaps even a video!

Over & out.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Discography Update

So, in this very, very slow news week for Nerina - I have updated the discography, with HQ photos of all the CDs & a few DVDs available for you lot to get your grubby mitts on yourself! Some I'm still currently scanning in, so they aren't up there linked, but most are - so check them out & the others will be added as soon as I get round to it! Hopefully you'll enjoy it & if you have any interesting additions to the site, you'd like me to add - if you'd like to become an author, or anything at all, get in touch with me, either here, on give me an email.

If you can think of any other Nerina 'CD galore' leave a comment & let me know.

P.S Still no word on what's happening with Peg *grumble grumble*

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Peg Promo

Image hosted by Large Image Host

Good wednesday evening ladies & gentlefolk.
My Peg promo arrived today & I took a rather good (if I do say so myself) photo of it, for you all to see, and go 'awwww' over 'mini, child Nerina' on the inside cover!

Tracklisting is...

1. Peg (3.49)

(well that was simple!)

Peg sounds much better in HQ, not that I thought it wasn't ace in the LQ web rip I had, but you know - it's obviously going to be sound better on a CD.

No date or anything on the CD about when the single is going to be released.
Slight update on the B-side, although the official site suggests that it will be a 'remix' of Geek Love, Richard X's website say's that it will simply be a 'touched up' version. Who knows?! I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough!

Peace out.

Ooh, also, if you are reading this - would it be possible to leave a comment for me, just so I know who is reading this - if anyone, how many of you there are & what you think of the blog (e.g. what can I improve etc) thanks very much!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Your very own Nerina desktop wallpaper!

Image hosted by Large Image Host
Image hosted by Large Image Host
Image hosted by Large Image Host

Hello fellow Palloteers.
As we are all probably aware, High quality photo's are few & far between of our Jersian beauty, and desktop wallpapers are even rarer! Let alone good ones!
Thanks to Antony Walker, I am giving you some stunning computer desktops, for you to take home & keep!
Simply click on any of the pictures, and they will link you to their desktop sized counterparts.

Make sure your desktop is looking fantastic with any three of these fabulous wallpapers.

Thanks again to Antony Walker for designing these.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Mini Hiatus

Hello guys & girls.
I do apologise for the very intermitent posts on the blog of recent days. My computer was not feeling all too good, but he is now up & running again, better than before - so you can expect more up-to-date news, as it breaks. (Hah - I sound like a little news reporter!)

Nerina headlined the Clapham Grand on tuesday night - playing 5 songs. The setlist was; Idaho, Everything Is Illuminated, Everybody's Gone To War, Heidi & Sophia. Nerina was on top form & the two newest tracks from the forthcoming album sounds much more fleshed out than they were a year or two ago. Nerina even made a comment about Sophia losing out on the Ivor Novello to Scott Matthews, in which she seemed rather annoyed about, understandably. Scott Matthews? Who the hell is he & how could any of his songs be more lyrically & musically beautiful than Sophia?

Onwards & upwards, I'm uploading videos of the night onto youtube & they will be posted shortly. However, something was missing from the performance - Peg.

Very odd situation, the lack of Peg at the gig - which started many thinking whether the single release would go ahead. Many, myself included, decided that it would probably be cancelled - as even now, there is no word of a video for the supposed single.
However on friday - I picked up a Peg promo from a website, which will be winging its way to me now, which suggests that obviously it will be single. Or at least be released to radio.

I would imagine that the single is going to be further postponed - well at least I hope it will, if they want to get some decent promo in & have another 'hit.'

More news on Peg, the video & the promo will be fowarded to you, as soon as I hear anything.