Sunday, 10 June 2007

Mini Hiatus

Hello guys & girls.
I do apologise for the very intermitent posts on the blog of recent days. My computer was not feeling all too good, but he is now up & running again, better than before - so you can expect more up-to-date news, as it breaks. (Hah - I sound like a little news reporter!)

Nerina headlined the Clapham Grand on tuesday night - playing 5 songs. The setlist was; Idaho, Everything Is Illuminated, Everybody's Gone To War, Heidi & Sophia. Nerina was on top form & the two newest tracks from the forthcoming album sounds much more fleshed out than they were a year or two ago. Nerina even made a comment about Sophia losing out on the Ivor Novello to Scott Matthews, in which she seemed rather annoyed about, understandably. Scott Matthews? Who the hell is he & how could any of his songs be more lyrically & musically beautiful than Sophia?

Onwards & upwards, I'm uploading videos of the night onto youtube & they will be posted shortly. However, something was missing from the performance - Peg.

Very odd situation, the lack of Peg at the gig - which started many thinking whether the single release would go ahead. Many, myself included, decided that it would probably be cancelled - as even now, there is no word of a video for the supposed single.
However on friday - I picked up a Peg promo from a website, which will be winging its way to me now, which suggests that obviously it will be single. Or at least be released to radio.

I would imagine that the single is going to be further postponed - well at least I hope it will, if they want to get some decent promo in & have another 'hit.'

More news on Peg, the video & the promo will be fowarded to you, as soon as I hear anything.

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