Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Sweet Jesus!

What a long ol' time it's been since we've heard anything on Mrs Pallot-Chatterley! I do apologise for the lack of 'news' and updates on the blog, but there simply has been no 'news' to update about! Hopefully that will change soon!

Well, I have a mini (and I do mean mini) update, that Edison (as in Nerina's husband Andy) has remixed 'Peg' and it is now available on iTunes, ingeniously titled 'Peg (Edison Remix)'. Surprise there then!

It's a hefty 7.46 long, and is quite different from 'usual Nerina' but for just 79p, it's worth it to support Nerina, the track can be found, if you type in 'Peg' into the search bar, or if you are feeling tired & lethargic this gorgeous Tuesday, you can click here, and you'll be directed right there.

That's how for now. Hopefully something new will pop up some time soon, perhaps a video, or a word whether 'Peg' is going to be released at all!? Who knows?

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